Prof. David J. DeWitt Chair at the University of Wisconsin

We feel very privileged to have been able to establish the Prof. David J. DeWitt Chair in Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Our intent in establishing this Chair is to support the UW-Madison Department of Computer Sciences’ leadership role in the emergent “datafication” of human endeavors. The Chair will enhance the ability of the Computer Sciences Department to recruit and retain topmost senior faculty.

The candidates for the Chair position shall satisfy the following characteristics:

A. The candidate’s work exemplifies the mission of the Professor Ram Kumar Memorial Foundation: accelerate societal advancements through scientific breakthroughs, technological innovations, and the democratization of knowledge acquisition and diffusion.

B. For at least 7 years, the candidate shall have the following additional attributes:

i) Expert in management of data of various modalities and extracting insights from data.

ii) An external candidate who is a member of the National Academy or who has or soon will have the commensurate professional credentials.

iii) Can form a nucleus to help department scale new heights, working with colleagues across campus to accelerate societal advances made possible by the collection of massive amounts of information on physical and/or social phenomenon.

The naming of the endowed chair after Prof. DeWitt honors a world-renowned scientist and teacher and a seminal figure in the UW’s database research group. There are parallels between Prof. Ram Kumar and Prof. David DeWitt. Like Prof. DeWitt, Prof. Ram Kumar was a scholar, loved by his students, and was a person of unquestionable intellectual honesty and integrity. It is very apt that the Chair funded through the Professor Ram Kumar Memorial Foundation is named the DeWitt Chair.

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